The Politics of the Dominion of Svarthaedir

The Government at Work

Svarthedir is a consitutional monarchy led by a soverign monarch as head of state. The excuetive and true power is Svarthaedir is led by the prime minister. Cabinet ministers administer the following areas: foreign affairs, justice, agriculture, education, fisheries and communications, trade and commerce, health and social security, military, finance, and energy and industry.

The parliament, consists of 59 members and is made up of a unicamerl chamber. The voting age is 18 years.

The political parties are;

  • Labour Party of Svarthaedir: 2 seats
  • Social Democratic Union: 6 seats
  • Socialist Liberal Party: 9 seats
  • Svartese Social Union: 22 seats
  • RIGHT;
  • Cruisanistic Democratic and Conservative Party: 10 seats
  • United Democratic Party: 7 seats
  • Svartese National Party: 3 seats