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The results are in - 77.7% Yes, 23.3% No - Government to announce tomorrow offical name change

Ardenborg, Svarthaedir [Elisabet Jonsdottir, SBC]

With all the votes counted, the nation of Islandia, has voted to rename their country back to ancient name of Svarthaedir. This historic vote took place after months of campaigning from both sides. Leader of the Yes campaign, Björn Thorsson, had this to say "Today was a great day, today was the day we return to our roots and take our nation back onto the world's stage". In response, the No leader, Hákon Gylfisson said "While I cannot agree personally with the result of this referendum. I will accede that the ciztens of our nation have voted in favour of change and I will help in any way that I can for our nation to succed in its future."

Tomorrow the government will officially announce the change of name for Islandia to the nations of Vexillium. Officials will be sent out to each nations embassy in the capital to inform of the change, while also communiques will be sent abroad also informing of the name change. Ambassador to the UNV, Freyja Vöggursdottir, will also make a short speech in Cruishaven, Cruisana, to announce the change to all others nations who do not have embassies with Svarthaedir.


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